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If you are looking at this page because of a new born baby in your family, allow us to offer our congratulations! God has blessed you with a child, or maybe more than one, and we are very happy and very excited for you! Rest assured we welcome the opportunity to celebrate your child’s Baptism here at St. Peter Church.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Sacrament of Baptism in the Catholic Church and some particulars concerning the celebration of Baptisms here at St. Peter Church.


I would like to have my baby baptized. What do I have to do? 

You can begin by filling out the Baptism Request Form at the bottom of the Baptism page and submitting it electronically. Someone from our Parish Office will then contact you. If you prefer, you may also call the parish office at (732) 892-0049 to request that your child be baptized.  The parish secretary will fill out the form for you.


Do I have to be registered at St. Peter to have my child baptized ?

In order to have your child baptized here at St. Peter’s Church you normally need to be a registered member of the parish. 


What if I have a special reason for wanting my child baptized at St. Peter but I am not a member ? 

If  there is a special reason why you want your child baptized St. Peter (for example grandparents or  family who live here) you would need to request the permission of the pastor of your home parish to have the baptism here.  Without that permission we are not authorized to have your baptism at St. Peter’s. 


Do I need to do any preparation for my child’s baptism?

If you are a first time parent, you will need to participate in our Baptismal Preparation Program. It is designed to help parents in their role as the first and best teachers of our faith to their children. If you live elsewhere you can probably take these classes in the parish where you're registered. Fr. Nick handles Baptism Preparation and he will contact you. 


 I am not a registered parishioner, but would like to register. How can I do that? 

There is a form you can download on our website or you can come to the Parish office from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.


Are there requirements for someone to be a godparent? 

Yes. Godparents, also called baptism sponsors, need to be practicing Catholics who are willing to assume this important role in the child’s life. Being a godparent is more than an honorary title. When someone agrees to be a godparent, it means that they are pledging to always play a significant and positive role in all aspects of the child's life, but especially their spiritual life. The godmother and godfather should to be firm believers in Jesus Christ who are able and ready to help the newly baptized, whether a child or an adult, on the road of living a Catholic/Christian life.  Here are the requirements to be a Godparent according to Church Law:


  • A godparent must be at least 16 years of age, baptized and confirmed, be a practicing Catholic, and if married, married by a Catholic priest or deacon. 


  • The godparents cannot be a parent of the child being baptized. 


  • Only one Godparent is required. If there are two, then one is to be a man who is the godfather and the other a woman who is the godmother. 


Are there any forms that the godparents must submit? 

Yes. If the godparents are members of St. Peter Parish they will need to submit and sign a godparent/sponsor form. If the godparent(s) are members of another church they must contact their parish to request a sponsor form from their home parish. 


When Can I set the date of the baptism?

Sponsor forms and the Child’s birth certificate must be received by our parish office before a date for your child's baptism can be finalized.


My best friend or a family member is not Catholic and I really would like him/her to be a godparent for my child. Is this possible? 

Yes, in a way it is. If your friend or family member is a baptized Christian, then (s)he may participate in the ceremony and act as a Christian Witness. For this to be the case there must be a Catholic godparent as outlined above. To be a Christian Witness the person must be a validly baptized Christian, at least 16 years old, living an upright life, but cannot be either a parent of the one being baptized nor a Catholic who has left the Catholic Church. 


Can a Catholic who does not meet all of the requirements to be a godparent be a Christian Witness?

No. However, we are willing to try to help anyone meet the requirements of being a godparent if possible.


Can I have two Christian Witnesses if I do not have anyone who meets the qualifications to be a godparent?

No. There must be at least one godparent. 


Can a non-baptized person be a godparent or a Christian Witness?

No. The role of the godparent and/or the Christian Witness is to give witness and example to the faith that the child is being baptized into. The person may be able to be a positive role model in other areas, but in this crucial area of a lived faith the non-baptized person simply cannot be that person for the newly baptized. In addition, as part of the Baptismal ceremony the godparents (sponsors) and Christian Witnesses will renew the promises made at their own baptisms. A non-baptized person will not be able to renew promises they have never made. 


While we were raised Catholic we were not married in the Catholic Church. Can we still have our baby baptized?

Yes, and we are happy that you are considering doing this for your child. It is essential though, as with all families, that the parents be models of the faith, even with our faults and failings, for their child(ren) and agree to raise their son/daughter as a Catholic and as they grow older, help them practice their faith. 


We are living together and have not yet married. Can we have our child baptized? Of course you can. 


When are Baptisms normally celebrated at St. Peter’s Church? 

Normally Baptisms are celebrated at St. Peter  on the 2nd and 4th  Sundays of the month at 1:30 p.m. 


I wanted to have my baby baptized on a particular date, but the parish office said the date was full. Why is that?

Here at St. Peter, for practical reasons, we limit the number of baptisms at any one time to four children. Experience has proven that the ceremony can be challenging for the families as well as those being baptized when a larger number of children are being baptized at once.  So, for the good of all concerned we try to keep the number being baptized to four. We will work with you to help you find another date that is as convenient as possible for your child’s baptism.


Thank you for inquiring about having your child baptized here

at St. Peter and once again congratulations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baptisms 

in the Catholic Church and at 

St. Peter Church, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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