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This is Fr. Nick Rokitka. I am from Buffalo, NY and an only child to my parents, Jack and Conni who are still living in Buffalo. I went to the friars’ high school in Buffalo, St. Francis High School, and always felt the call to serve and protect. So naturally I went to school for criminal justice and was planning on getting a job in law enforcement. Throughout my time in college though, I discerned a call to religious life and joined the friars in 2007. I professed solemn vows in 2014 and was ordained in 2016. 


My first assignment was teaching at the friars’ high school in Baltimore, Archbishop Curley. I was only there for two years before I was asked to be treasurer of the province and assistant director of formation in Silver Spring, MD. Doing internal ministry was good for me, but I was very much looking forward to working directly with the people of God.


I grew up spending a lot of time outdoors and I still like to run, bike, hike, and go backpacking. I feel very blessed to be stationed here near the ocean and the forests of New Jersey. My love of nature and God was certainly inspired by St. Francis and glad that being here can further deepen that love.


Very much looking forward to my time here!


God Bless, 

Fr. Nick

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