Phone: (732) 892-0049

Fax: (732) 899-6841


Rev. Pedro deOliveira, OFM Conv. Ext. 114

Parochial Vicar

Rev. Marek Stybor, OFM Conv.

Ext. 122

Priest in Residence

Rev. Richard Rossell, OFM Conv. Ext.404

Guardian in Residence

Rev. Brennan Farleo, OFM Conv. Ext. 422



Mr. George Forshay

(973) 572-7803

Mr. George Korbelak

(732) 892-0049


Religious Education Office:

(732) 899-4839

Religious Education Secretary

Nancy McCrink



Father Pedro deOliveira

Ext. 114


Adult Faith Formation

Father Pedro deOliveira

Ext. 114

Parish Office Secretary

Tracy Mahoney,  Ext. 115


Bob Thorn

(732) 892-0049

Parish Staff
School Staff
Parish Organizations

Phone:  (732) 892-1260

Fax:  (732) 892-3488


Mrs. Tracey Kobrin


Patti Magnusson,  Ext. 212


PTA President

Meredith Palumbo


Sports Program

Beth Dunn


Annulment Advocate

Gina Bellanca, (732) 742-4164

Please leave a message.

Circle of Love Prayer Group

Pat McMaster,  (732) 892-4744


Christmas Giving Tree 

Rachel Gallo, (732) 892-5423

Kathy O’Rourke, (732) 295-2178


Cradle of Love

Carolyn Obaranec, (732) 899-3203

Friendship Dinner

Noureen Beirne, (732) 899-4133

Cindy Grehl, (732) 295-2143


Good Samaritans

Suzanne Tombs,  (732) 892-5159

Justice and Life

Ellen Conaghan,  (732) 899-7322


Pat Dunn,  (732) 899-8029


Medjugorje Prayer Group

Dawn Rusinko, (732) 995-6892


Rosary/Altar Society

Phyllis Ludovico, (732) 604-8704


Morning Star Family Prayer Group

Debbie Smith-Matta, (732) 232-5922

Secular Franciscan Order

Dorothy O’Reilly, Minister

(732) 575-7913


St. Gregory’s Pantry

(732) 892-8105



St. Peters Knights of Columbus

Dominick Chirichella, (732) 330-6926


Men’s Spiritual Group

Dominick Chirichella, (732) 330-6926

Fr. Pedro, OFM Conv

Valentine House

Ellen Conaghan, (732)899-7322

Tracy Mahoney, (732) 892-0049

St. Vincent DePaul

Need Help?

All calls are confidential.

(732) 295-3630  Ext. 33

Finance Council

Dominick Chirichella

Pastoral Council
Bruce Keane


Stewardship Council
Vinnie Barba,

Social Life

Social Life Ministries
Ellen Conaghan, (732) 899-7322
Susan Loder, (908) 917-9236
Lenore Punk, (732) 892-2657


Glorious Years
Rosemary Tassie, (732) 714-9335

Liturgical Ministries
Pastoral Care
Other Organizations

Chase Addario, (732) 899-9129
Scott Okal, (732) 513-0603

Altar Servers
Father Marek Stybor, OFM Conv.

Eucharistic Ministers
Betsy McLaughlin, (973) 698-6713


Ellen Conaghan, (732) 899-7322

Betsy McLaughlin, (973) 698-6713

AA     Thursdays 7 pm

           Saturdays 8 pm


Father Pedro deOliveira, OFM Conv

Parish Office Hours -- Mondays through Thursdays 9 am to 3 pm, and Fridays 9 am to Noon


A communal celebration of the sacrament of Baptism is held twice a month on the 2nd and 4th

Sunday at 1:30 PM. For any

questions and/or special request, please call the parish office.



Saturday - 4:00 - 4:45 PM and other times by request.  You are always free to make an appointment with a Friar to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.



Engaged couples should contact our parish secretary, Tracy, at least one year in advance of your

proposed date of marriage and

before making other arrangements.


Ministry to the

Ill and Homebound

Please call the parish office to

arrange for communion in the home and for the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Call us in the event of any serious illness.


Please don’t wait for an emergency to call: (732) 228-3965


St. Anthony Novena

Every Tuesday following

the 8:30 am Mass

St. Joseph Novena

Every Thursday following

the 8:30 am Mass

Eucharistic Prayer and Adoration

Every Wednesday following the

8:30 am Mass to 8:00 pm

Mass Intentions

SATURDAY, March 14
   5:00    1. Mrs. Mary Craparotta 
              2. Joan Sarno
 SUNDAY,  March 15
   7:30    1. Fran Bautz
              2. Arlene R. O’Rourke
   9:00    For the People of the Parish
 10:30    1. Justin Campbell
              2. John Derrig
 12:00    1. Secular Franciscans
              2. Anthony Tomae


MONDAY, March 16
  8:30      1. Anna Wallace
TUESDAY, March 17
  8:30      1. John & Nadine Conaghan
               2. Phil Ernst


  8:30      1. Hattie Elizabeth Baier

THURSDAY,  March 19
  8:30      1. Fred Rom, OFS

FRIDAY,  March 20
  8:30      1. Alfredo Gonzales
SATURDAY,  March 21
  8:30      1. TJ Braden
  5:00      1. Mrs. Mary Craparotta
               2. Joseph & Nancy



SUNDAY,  March 22
  7:30      1. Arlene R. O’Rourke
               2. Robert Silvio Del                                    Purgatorio
  9:00      1. Robert Guempel
               2. Carla Alfano
 10:30    For the People of the Parish

 12:00    1. Fran Bautz
              2. David Gibson

Coming Events

Blessed Mother Votive is

in memory of Anthony Tomae

requested by Lois Tomae


Glorious Years Group

Lower Kolbe, 10:30 am


Prayer Group

Lower Kolbe, 9:00 am


Adoration in Church, 9 am to 8 pm

Medjugorje Prayer Group,

Lower Kolbe, 9:30 am

Spiritual Growth Prayer Group,

Lower Kolbe, 7:00 pm


AA, Lower Kolbe, 7:00 pm


Stations of the Cross, 7:00 pm


Anointing Mass, School Cafeteria, 11 am followed by lunch

St. Vincent DePaul Spirituality Retreat, Lower Kolbe, 8 am to 12 pm

AA, Lower Kolbe, 8:00 pm



Monday          Luke 4:24-30

Tuesday       Matthew 18:21-35

Wednesday   Matthew 5:17-19

Thursday      Luke 2:41-51a

Friday          Mark 12:28-34


Please Pray...

Theresa DiLeo, Patty Evans, David Hartkern, Dorothy Wooley, Philip Adams, Timothy Hopler,

MaryBeth Boyle,

Allie Ipsaro, Art Birdsall,

Anthony Tobia, Manuel Viana,

Thomas Pidduck,

Christine Frauenheim,

Anthony Petillo, Dan Hennessy,

Michael Strada,

 Bridget Simon, Pedro Morales,

Ray J. Vetrini, Daniel Ventura,

Joan Howard, Angel Abruzzio,

Jessie Marks, Matthew Evans,

Rosemarie Capurso,

Shiela McAllister,

Paulina De Fillippis, Maria Costanza,

Raymond Vincent Meehan,

Melissa Masotta,

Samantha Sagardia,

Geriann Rotando, Fr. Paul


Please keep in your prayers Lillian Spaeth, an 11 year old girl with juvenile cancer and her mother, Siobhan Jackson, during this difficult time.



Chris Egan, Robert Paolello,

Adam Velasquez, Evan Velasquez, Matt Peled, Kevin Henkle,

Nicholas Liantonio, Michael Adams, Carter Condoluci,  Robert Farrell, Patrick Quigley,

Adam Ropelewski, Travis Mount,

Christopher Michael Brodeur,

Matthew Brodeur, John Sheehan,

Ryan Matthew Bauer,

Michael Anthony III, 

William Lemke - Ullrich,

Dennis D. Tassie,

Jayme Timmerman,

Douglas Wilderotter, Rodman Rupp

First Reading: Exodus 17:3-7

This story from Exodus reveals that the Israelites, after their escape from Egypt, cast all blame for their sufferings on Moses. In this instance, they were dying of thirst. When Moses appealed to the Lord, the Lord directed Moses to strike a rock and water would gush forth. 

Second Reading: Romans 5:1-2, 5-8
Paul reminds the Romans that because Christ died for all people, they are acceptable in God’s sight. 

Gospel: John 4:5-42
Jesus converses with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well. When Jesus indicates that whoever drinks from the water He gives will never be thirsty again, the woman immediately answers, “Give me this water, sir...”. Jesus then reveals that she has had five husbands and tells her that He is the Messiah. The woman believes Jesus and proclaims this news to all the townspeople, who believe her and come to see Jesus.

Third Sunday of Lent

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Chapter 3 tells us:


“There is an appointed time for every thing and a time for every  affair under the heavens”.

“A time to be born”
Please pray for our recently
baptized -
Maeve Rian Reilly
Madison Lynn McCormick
Scarlett Madelyn Wortley
Theodore Oliver Wortley

“A time to wed”
Please pray for our recently
Married -
Vyolet Savage
and John Katchisin

“A time to die”
Please pray for our recently
Deceased -
Virginia Gurrera

The Glorious Years Group 
sponsors a bus trip to
Atlantic City
the second  Wednesday
of every month. 
Next date is
April 8, 2020.
Please call  Kathy O’Rourke at 
732-295-2178 to register.
Bus leaves at 9 am.











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